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Google PageRank - Indexed Pages

PageRank is Google's proprietary website ranking system (0 to 10) developed by Page and Brin, the founders of Google. A website's PageRank (and the website's pages) is based on an algorithim that Google is constantly refining. While the number of backlinks pointing to a page is important, more important is the quality of these backlinks. Google considers these links a vote and, if an important site links to a site, then that site must also be important. Google also gives weight to backlinks from sites that provide comparable or relevant content and .edu and .org domains. Google is being very aggressive in refining their search algorithims to improve the quality of searches. This means that sites are being penalized for buying PageRank by paying for links from sites that have a high PageRank. Some may question the value or relevance of PageRank since it is not the only factor that Google uses to provide the results of a search. Pagerank updates occur about every three months.

This Siteometrics tool has been developed to provide you with the PageRank for up to 500 indexed pages of a website. The tool also allows you to see the PageRank for the pages that Google typically omits with this query.

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